Here we list the publications that the group has written or contributed to.

1 Accepted or published

  • Lawrence, R., Degtyarev, E., Griffiths, P., Trask, P., Lau, H., D’Alessio, D., Griebsch, I., Wallenstein, G., Cocks, K., Rufibach, K. What is an estimand & how does it relate to quantifying the effect of treatment on patient-reported quality of life outcomes in clinical trials (2020). Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes, 4(1), 68. doi.
  • Degtyarev, E., Rufibach, K., Shentu, Y., Yung, G., Casey, M., Englert, S., Liu, F., Liu, Y., Sailer, O., Siegel, J., Sun, S., Tang, R., Zhou, J. Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the objective and analysis of oncology clinical trials – application of the estimand framework (2020). Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, 12(4), 427-437. doi | arxiv
  • Casey M., Degtyarev E., Lechuga M.J., Aimone P., Ravaud A., Motzer R., Liu F., Stalbovskaya V., Tang R., Butler E., Sailer O., Halabi S., George D. Estimand framework: Are we asking the right question? A case study in the solid tumor setting (2020). Pharmaceutical Statistics, 20, 324–334. doi
  • Sun, S., Weber, J., Butler, E., Rufibach, K., Roychoudhury, S. Estimands in Hematology Trials (2021). Pharmaceutical Statistics, 20, 793-805. doi | arxiv
  • Bornkamp, B., Rufibach, K., Lin, J., Liu, Y., Mehrotra, D., Roychoudhury, S., Schmidli, H., Shentu, Y., Wolbers, M. Principal Stratum Strategy: Potential Role in Drug Development (2021). Pharmaceutical Statistics, 20, 737-751. doi | arxiv | github | markdown
  • Manitz, J., Kan-Dobrosky, N., Buchner, H., Casadebaig, M.L., Degtyarev, E., Dey, J., Haddad, V., Fei, J., Martin, E., Mo, M., Rufibach, K., Shentu, Y., Stalbovskaya, V., Tang, R., Yung, G., Zhu, J. Estimands for Overall Survival in Clinical Trials with Treatment Switching in Oncology (2021). Pharmaceutical Statistics, accepted. doi.
  • Hampson, L.V., Degtyarev, E., Tang, R., Lin, J., Rufibach, K., Zheng, C. Comment on Biostatistical considerations when using RWD and RWE in clinical studies for regulatory purposes: A landscape assessment (2021). Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, to appear. doi.

Several further publications are currently being written within the working group. Once available, these will be made available here.