Here we list the publications that the group has written or contributed to.

1 Accepted or published

  • Lawrence, R., Degtyarev, E., Griffiths, P., Trask, P., Lau, H., D’Alessio, D., Griebsch, I., Wallenstein, G., Cocks, K., Rufibach, K. What is an estimand & how does it relate to quantifying the effect of treatment on patient-reported quality of life outcomes in clinical trials (2020). Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes, 4(1), 68. doi.
  • Degtyarev, E., Rufibach, K., Shentu, Y., Yung, G., Casey, M., Englert, S., Liu, F., Liu, Y., Sailer, O., Siegel, J., Sun, S., Tang, R., Zhou, J. Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the objective and analysis of oncology clinical trials – application of the estimand framework (2020). Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, 12(4), 427-437. doi | arxiv
  • Casey M., Degtyarev E., Lechuga M.J., Aimone P., Ravaud A., Motzer R., Liu F., Stalbovskaya V., Tang R., Butler E., Sailer O., Halabi S., George D. Estimand framework: Are we asking the right question? A case study in the solid tumor setting (2020). Pharmaceutical Statistics, 20, 324–334. doi
  • Sun, S., Weber, J., Butler, E., Rufibach, K., Roychoudhury, S. Estimands in Hematology Trials (2021). Pharmaceutical Statistics, 20, 793-805. doi | arxiv
  • Bornkamp, B., Rufibach, K., Lin, J., Liu, Y., Mehrotra, D., Roychoudhury, S., Schmidli, H., Shentu, Y., Wolbers, M. Principal Stratum Strategy: Potential Role in Drug Development (2021). Pharmaceutical Statistics, 20, 737-751. doi | arxiv | github | markdown
  • Manitz, J., Kan-Dobrosky, N., Buchner, H., Casadebaig, M.L., Degtyarev, E., Dey, J., Haddad, V., Fei, J., Martin, E., Mo, M., Rufibach, K., Shentu, Y., Stalbovskaya, V., Tang, R., Yung, G., Zhu, J. Estimands for Overall Survival in Clinical Trials with Treatment Switching in Oncology (2021). Pharmaceutical Statistics, accepted.

Several further publications are currently being written within the working group. Once available, these will be made available here.