Code accompanying papers


April 1, 2024


All papers co-written by the group are available here. There, links to the below code is available for respective papers.

Code repositories

For the following publications code has been made available on github:

  • Bornkamp, B., Rufibach, K., Lin, J., Liu, Y., Mehrotra, D., Roychoudhury, S., Schmidli, H., Shentu, Y., Wolbers, M. Principal Stratum Strategy: Potential Role in Drug Development (2021). Pharmaceutical Statistics, 20, 737-751. | doi | arxiv | github | markdown | This paper was the 4th most downloaded paper that appeared in 2021 in Pharmaceutical Statistics.
  • Rufibach, K., Grinsted, L., Li, J., Weber, H.J., Zheng, C., and Zhou, J. Quantification of Follow-up Time in Oncology Clinical Trials with a Time-to-Event Endpoint: Asking the Right Questions. (2023). Pharmaceutical Statistics, 22(4), 671-691. | arXiv | github | markdown |.
  • Weber, H. J., Corson, S., Li, J., Mercier, F., Roychoudhury, S., Sailer, M. O., Sun, S., Todd, A., Yung, G. Duration of and time to response in oncology clinical trials from the perspective of the estimand framework. (2023+). Pharmaceutical Statistics, to appear. | arXiv | doi | github | markdown |