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April 4, 2024

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I have never heard of estimands - where should I start?

What is an estimand?

From the glossary of the ICH E9: estimands addendum:

A precise description of the treatment effect reflecting the clinical question posed by the trial objective. It summarises at a population-level what the outcomes would be in the same patients under different treatment conditions being compared.

Where should I start?

This entire page is a starting point. Further,

  • 3min intro video: What is an estimand in a clinical trial: The PIONEER 1 example, based on Aroda et al. (2019).
  • 3min intro video: Why the addendum is needed and what it is about (Kaspar Rufibach).
  • PSI EIWG Webinar: Estimands in Oncology - How and Why: Members of the WG describe how the estimand framework provides a common language to describe the diversity of patient journeys and why it is important to address the right question in clinical trials.
  • PSI EIWG Webinar: PIONEERing estimands in Clinical Research: Introductory webinar that is intended for anyone working in clinical trials: Clinicians, Regulators, Investigators, Academics, Ethics Committees, Statisticians.
  • Introductory session on endpoints and estimands for clinicians, co-organized by ANVISA (Brazilian Health Authority) and interfarma.
  • Relevant publications that are to a large extent non-statistical and are a good starting point as well:
    • Degtyarev et al. (2019): Example of putting the addendum into action in oncology, appeared in JCO.
    • Aroda et al. (2019): Example of putting a continuous endpiont in the estimand framework. Pre-addendum (treatment attribute is missing), but still informative.
    • Sun et al. (2021): Illustrates implementation of the framework in hematology.
    • Casey et al. (2021): Illustrates implementation of the framework in solid tumors.
    • Lawrance et al. (2020): Illustrates implementation of the framework for a PRO endpoint.
    • Lynggaard et al. (2022): Recommendations how to implement estimands in protocol templates.
    • Ionan et al. (2022): Joint paper by FDA and industry authors summarizing the (positive!) experiences with implementing the estimands framework, especially discussing FDA experience. See also this linkedin article for a brief summary.

See also the publications tab.


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