1 Purpose

Find on this webpage information on the working group on estimands in oncology.

2 Become a member

The general spirit of the working group is inclusive. If you’d like to contribute in one or the other way, we propose you first reach out to your company’s representative(s) (if applicable) and align within your company who is best placed to contribute to which task force. After that is clarified reach out to the WG leads - contact details available here.

3 Membership in professional organizations

In November 2018, the working group was established by EFSPI as European special interest group “Estimands in oncology”, sponsored by PSI and EFSPI and in June 2019 the ASA biopharmaceutical section has granted the official status as ASA scientific working group.

5 Latest updates of this page

5.1 2022

  • 24th September: Added slidedecks from recent conferences.
  • 1st July: Added slidedeck and written updates of recent full group TC.
  • 29th June: After submission of its paper (see publications) the follow-up quantification task force is now inactive.
  • 17th June: Added talks from our session at the PSI conference in Gothenburg.
  • 13th June: Paper from follow-up quantification task force posted on arXiv. See publications.
  • 23th May: Latest newsletter to the group.
  • 17th May: updated events page with past and upcoming appearances of the WG.
  • 26th March: added slidedeck and recording of Graham Dunn Seminar to events page.
  • 8th March: arxiv links added for the two submitted papers of the censoring subteam.
  • 4th March: We have now officially started work in the safety taskforce. Many thanks to Jonathan Siegel for starting and leading this!
  • 3rd February: Congratulations to the authors of Sun et al. and Bornkamp et al. - these papers were the 3rd and 4th most downloaded papers that appeared in 2021 in Pharmaceutical Statistics.
  • 26nd January: The censoring subteam has submitted two papers, see publications.

5.2 2021